by Nietzsche Cortez

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Paying Homage to N2 Deep's "Back To The Hotel" thus N2Deeper Single off Dear Diary.
Prod. Mike Legg
Feat. Chuck Steaks



Who behind the camera stares daggers don't really matter (homie)
Longs as when you type in Rhet you see I do the stabbin
Like G in a Pendleton that left the murder scene
Under penalty of perjury say that you aint heard of me?
Your new to me cuz you ain’t heard of me its not too late
If the new me was before your time the old me never aged
And the game that you are playin and thinking of giving up 
Is cuz I ended the game you were at the beginning of sick as fuck
Killin em crazy iller than feeding baby food to babies made out of babies 
So fuck you pay me!
Your all bitches at heart 
Picture me catchin you slippin while your thinking your hard 
If you died bullseye direct hit at darts 
Get it?
Nobody would miss that mark.
Cuz compared to me your just a mark and I'm remarkable
Plus a mthrfcker keeps it L.A like Art Labou!
I can't be dead before my time comes
Cuz the night is still young
But I’m dead right on time cuz the morning is like suicide
Do or die Live in vain you decide your fate
Will you die with a smile or get laughed out the game?
Well heres a 40oz for breakfast just to seize the day
Baby you’ll never be alone sleep walking with me awake.
You see I walk into my mind like I own the fucking place
Then I look out my eyes and I see L.A.
The epitome of bitter sweet
Little dreams that litter streets
Silhouette of hollow souls 
Follow a dead industry
Pictures with the “have you seen this kid” with your face in it
Not a native far from home grey hound ticket?
The morning after follows up with living in the moment 
And your success story has been a failed abortion
Heres a hanger and a moral hangover
Culturally it feels like you were all ran over
Even Manson knows it's weird as hell 
He said nothing scares L.A more than itself
From Little Armenia to Silver lake all the way to Inglewood back to East L.A


Thats how we do it 4x

dirtRAID, Hellfyre, ATR/
You could pimp a bitch I pimp the mothafuckin matriarch/

Chuck Steaks (Verse):

Bottom of the barrell. Cuz the barrel's on the bottom/
For Sale so I bought em. Got a problem yeah I got em/
End up fallin like its Soddom. Got Money I'mma rob em/
Fo a dolla then I shot em. Shot call'em never got em/
In the middle of the road. I'm a little mo old/
But its written in the code. That this spittin is the code/
Pimpin gettin sold. So I'm sittin in the cold/
This cigarette I hold Is a ligament of mine untill the liqour is poed/
Thats ignorance in motion till the idiots get showed/
This city is a place where the gritty come and go/
Cuz it really doesn't snow/
Sleep on the street smoke a philly fulla dro/
Kill you for a road/
Kill you fo ya doe/
Kill you if you step/
In the building with that globe/
Fill you fulla death/
Got me killin like the crow/
I'm a killa on the low/
Like how we pose ta grow/
Wit the kids at the show/
Pack a 40 fucking foe but its L.A though/


released June 12, 2013
Prod. Mike Legg
Feat. Chuck Steaks



all rights reserved


Nietzsche Cortez Los Angeles

Rheteric Ramirez aka Nietzsche Cortez
Nietzsche pronounced like (Knee-Chaay)

-Dear Diary

-L.A Is For Motherfuckers

-Machine Gun Cough

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